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Pro-Russian Rebels Launch Offensive and Reject the Peace Deal
Ukraine internal conflict seems to be more serious. The last few months is fully with terror, even it stills ongoing now. Efforts to reconcile between the government and the Pro-Russian rebels seems to be useless. Both sides staunchly defend the goal and even fight harder for this. It paralyzed the country and bring suffering to the people. It just like a trap for some people. And peace, there is no certainty for this.
Rejected, Peace Deal was failed
Pro-Russian rebels in the Eastern of Ukraine rejected to sign the peace deal on Friday. Even they announced the new offensive act to Ukrainian government troops. Diplomatic efforts cannot give what people expect and the crisis still continues. Alexander Zakharchenko, the main separatist leader said they will not abide the peace deal and will improve the strike to gain their territory. Their priority is pushing the government troops now. Even more, they will do it until the border of Donetsk region and further. There is no ceasefire on this conflict.
Violations by the Both Sides
Conflict will always bring suffer and death is everywhere. Since April, the United Nation of the human rights agency records about 5,100 of death from the both sides. If the conflict continues, course the number will grow more than this.
On the Wednesday, the foreign ministers from 4 countries which are including Russian, Ukraine, German and French produced an agreement to create peace in Ukraine. Based on the peace deal, Ukrainian troops and Pro-Russian rebels have to pull back the troops about 15 km from the recent location. In the deal, there is only pull back agreement. There is still no troop withdrawal here.
Eduard Basurin, Rebel spokesman doubt it. He said the rebels will not consider the agreement. But their side is open for the peace talks. This statement seems contradicted with the Russia. Russia respect the Minsk agreement although they have been reluctant to end this conflict.
The Fight of Airport of Donetsk
Over Donetsk airport, the battle intensity was growth on the last weekend. Rebels took control over it although the fight still continues until now. Based on the Zakharchenko statement, the rebels advanced their attack to 3 directions, the Donetsk region and 2 areas on the Luhansk region. He said their side will hit the Ukrainian government troops till the border of Donetsk. If he see any danger for this city, he will destroy the threat.
The top NATO official also confirmed it. The rebels have pushed the government troops further to the west. They also beefed up with reinforcement. About this conflict, Russia insists that they do not give any support to the rebels. But the western military see something different. The heavy weapon of the rebels has negatively.
Russia will survive
On the international economic forum, the Russian deputy prime minister will not be flinched with the sanctions of the West. When Russian feels any pressure from the foreign country, they will not give up. Igor Shuvalov said their country will survive even with all of the pressure.

Wikipedia Banned the Portions of their Editors

Wikipedia, the largest wiki in the world banned 5 editors of them from any articles that related to gender. Arbitration committee of Wikipedia banned them to make any corrections to feminism articles. It was made to stop the controversy on this topic. All editors need to prevent any articles from rewritten, especially for the pro-Gamergate slant.
About Gamergate
Gamergate has become a public attention since August 2014. Some people said it concerned about ethics in game journalism. Gamer identity becomes the issue that the most people aware about too. But in fact, this is just angry obsessive that blended with the misunderstanding of journalism ethic. Whatever it is, gamergate increasing into the sexism debate, specifically on the video game culture. Primarily, it is targeting women, especially women in the industry of video game.
By the time and media publication, gamergate is no more about game. It is more often to be seen as the manifestation of the culture war with the specific target such as women. But how its controversy was began from the relationship of the indie game developer, Zoe Quinn. Her ex-boyfriend saw Quinn on the romantic relationship with Nathan Grayson. Nathan Grayson is a video game journalist in Kotaku. Since then, Quinn severe misogynistic harassment. This is including the false accusations that led the positive review of the Quinn’s game. Since then, she became a harassment subject such as malicious broadcasting especially relates to the personally identifiable information and the other threats. And next, the target is growing to the other women on the game industry and the feminist media critic such as Brianna Wu and Anita Sarkeesian. Even this issue grows to the online movement with “GamerGate” hast tag.
Wikipedia Responds
The culture war of gamergate is getting more serious by time. Even it reaches to the situation that quite alarming. Wikipedia, which is known as a neutral wiki also used to campaign this issue. Some editors who pro with gamergate pushed the Wikipedia articles to look fairer for this issue. Course it damages the vision of the Wikipedia itself. To stop it, Wikipedia committee sanctioned editors who did it. But observer warns Wikipedia to do it carefully. If the sanction is only hit the account, course it will not stop this issue.
Actually, this is a rejection from Wikipedia. This is more related to protect the neutrality of Wikipedia itself. Jimmy Wales, the Wikipedia’s founder said this act is not to support feminist. The gamergate supporters can keep in mind about their belief. But if they want change the Wikipedia article, it must be constructive. Instead of declaring a war to feminist, they have to improve the article to become more informative.
Because of this issue, 5 Wikipedia’s editors will be banned. This is not just because of what they do to Wikipedia. This is because of their effort to support gamergate and become the part of it. As long as they in favor of one party, their neutrality can be questioned. This is why Wikipedia takes this option.

Travelocity acquired by Expedia in $280 million


Travelocity, an online travel agency from Sabre Corp. has acquired for US$280 million. This acquisition was made in cash and informed by the companies on Friday. This deal is just a follow up of the 2013 marketing agreement to bring the additional web traffic to the Expedia. It makes Travelocity for US and Canada powered with Expedia Inc. platform. Course the merger is a consolidation of Expedia to compete Priceline Group which is known as their main competitor. Even Priceline Group takeover OpenTable, the restaurant reservation with US$2.6 billion on the last year. A Capital IQ analyst, Tuna Amobi said integrating Travelocity to the Expedia will give the good outcome to the company.
Expedia, the Giant of Online Travel Corporation
This acquisition is not just to strengthen the position of Expedia in the travel business. It can also be identified as an effort to create the ecosystem of their business. The owner of and China’s eLong the air ticket volumes grew about 29% in October. It happens for the first of the three quarters 2014. This is because of the agreement with Travelocity.
In this time, the number of shopping tour is growing. This is because of the growth of the economic and the affordable travel cost which are something interesting that should not be wasted. Course it attracts the new business people to dig profits from this industry. In the other case, it will improve the competition and  forces Expedia to grow further than before. To make it, improving their brand in the travel business is a smart way.
The Beginning of the New Innovation
Acquiring Travelocity is not just about buying a profitable company. In fact, it was made to improve their ability to continue the innovation. They have a great ambition about this, and that is giving the best travel experiences to more travelers. Even more, Expedia wants to reach more travelers in the world. This is what Dara Khosrowshahi, the Chief Executive Officer of Expedia on Friday. But according to Amobi, maybe Travelocity will be maintained as the unique brand under Expedia Inc. Although it was acquired by Expedia, the brand of Travelocity is still exist. Considering about the brand awareness of Travelocity, it makes a sense.
The Direction of Travelocity
Although it has the new master, Travelocity still focusing on the same mission. Tom Klein, the Chief Executive Officer of Sabre Corp’s ensured that. Travelocity will provide the solution for the global travel customers by their software. Expedia is the strategic partner for Travelocity and it will be the long partnership with this corporation. For Tom Klein, this is a logical step for Travelocity and Expedia. With the strong resource, it allows Travelocity to grow much better. It looks like a beneficial partnership for both of them. On Friday, the shares of Expedia Inc. rose 3.14% and reaching $88.40 per share. In the other side, the share of Sabre Corp. gained 1.81% at $20.85. It can be seen the market respond this acquisition very well. As long as they can utilize this momentum, it may strengthen their position in the business world.


The Great Barrier Reef may lose

The Great Barrier Reef, this place has been known for its coral collection. Even more, it also known as the largest in the world. This the great asset of the world. But unfortunately, it may lose 90% of the living coral that caused by the high temperature of the ocean. If it continues, this prediction will be a certainty. The Australian and the international scientists ensure it too.
The Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef is the richest coral reef system in the world. There are more than 2,900 individual reefs and also 900 islands here. All of them stretching on the more than 344,400 square km. It is located in Coral Sea on the coast of Queensland. The beauty of the Great Barrier Reef can be seen from the outer space too. It makes Great Barrier Reef as the largest structure that made by the living organism.
There are billions of the tiny organisms that support more life in this area. In 1981, it was chosen as the World Heritage Site and labeled as the 7 natural wonders in the world by CNN. Now, the Great Barrier Reef protected by the marine park, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. The task of this protector is to limit the human impact, especially to the reef. This is fishing and tourism limited here.
Keep Losing the Coral
This is the serious issue that happen to the Great Barrier Reef. Although it has the size of Japan, about 400 coral types, 1,500 fish species and also 4,000 mollusk may disappear by the time. Since a few times ago, researchers has been examined the various environment scenario that may affect to the living organism in the Great Barrier Reef. Based on the article in the Science Daily, this study has published on 1996 until 2006.
On the research, pollution and overfishing may bring the worst effect to the corals. The other coastal activity may also leaving coral vulnerable. In the short term, it will be taken over by seaweed. And in the longer term, all of them will disappear. The main cause of this issue is the ocean temperatures that rise continuously. In this situation, the short term measures not much help. It cannot protect the reefs. This fact is stunning. While the most people do not really care about the nature, nature will leave them step by step. And when it is over, everything has gone.
This issue cannot be stopped. About a half of the reef building coral have gone. And in this time, it is only covering about 10 up to 20% of the seabed. For the Great Barrier Reef itself, it lost about a half coral. It happens on the last 27 years. Maybe this loss is undeniable, but human has a choice. They can reduce the impact even make the smart investment for the future. They can protect the coral reef and gain it. Of course it will take a long time. But there is still the other issue here. The global warming.

Ukraine Conflict The Rockets Attacked Mariupol, 15 People Died

Fifteen people died and forty six others got injured because of Ukraine conflict. The pro-Russia group rebelled yesterday by shooting some rockets to the Mariupol harbor. Actually its area is authorized by Ukraine military force.
The chief of police at Mariupol said that the rockets hit some markets at the east side of the city. But, the rebels denied that those rockets are theirs. A man of rebellion group said “It’s a lie and it’s not right. We never shot any rockets and we never shot it to the civilian settlement”, quoted by The Minister of Donetsk Republic Defense.
Mariupol has five hundreds civilians. It is located at east side of Ukraine where the rebel group dominates this area. Mariupol and Crimea have strategic location. Meanwhile the Crimea was occupied by Russia in last March of 2014. That’s why some politic observers predict that the conflict between Ukraine and pro Russia group will be more awful in this area.
A civilian reported that he feels so worried because of this conflict. He said “Of course, we are all here feeling so worried. The rebels have occupied all airport and harbor. Then now, they just attacked the civilians at Mariupol”.
Actually the pro-Russia group and Ukraine government have agreed the cease fire in the last September. Even, they also signed the letter of its cease fire at Minsk of Belorussia. In fact, the war still exists till today. Those two groups still get fight each other.
The head of pro- Russia group, Alexander Zakharchenko, said that his group wants to attack Ukraine and they don’t want to talk about the cease fire.
Because of this conflict, more than a million people have evacuated from their house to the refuge. The data said that 633.523 people become the refuge inside of Ukraine and 593.622 have gone out of Ukraine to get outside refuge.
This war has been exploded since the Crimea dispute. Both of Russia and Ukraine government stand on their opinion to get Crimea. Why Crimea can be the reason of this conflict? Actually, Crimea is the strategic area between Ukraine and Russia. That’s why it becomes the dispute conflict between those two states.
Meanwhile, Ukraine is on the same land with Russia. The Ukrainians also become the part of Russia. Some of them feel like that they are part of Russia too. That’s why some Ukrainians made pro-Russia group and rebel to the Ukraine government.
Since this conflict, Russia has put their six thousand troops with five hundreds tanks in East Ukraine till today. Russia also had taken out Crimea city to be the part of Russian state. Ukraine president asks Russia to take out their troops and obey the cease fire deal.
Meanwhile for many times, Russia deny about the attack that always happens in east side of Ukraine. The data noted that in this conflict, more than five thousand people died and more than ten thousand people got injured. For the new resolution of this conflict, the UN will make the new conference in Berlin.

Windows 10, the Microsoft Savior

Windows 8 and 8.1 seems to be a failed product from Microsoft. Although it brings something fresh such as the live tile and the flat design, it looks not good enough for the users. Even many of them complain it and upset about it. The main issue of the Windows 8 and 8.1 is about its productivity. For the professional users, those windows versions lack of productivity. They are too strange and unfamiliar for the users. Although Windows 8.1 brings the start icon back, the start menu that has been a trademark of the Windows operating system is still not there. In fact, this is what the users want. And now, Windows 10 is on the way. But is it better than the previous version? Let’s find out about it.
The Return of the Start Menu
Start menu is like a core of windows operating system. When it is gone, many people asking it. They wonder why Microsoft changed it with metro UI. But in the Windows 10, Microsoft promised one thing. They will bring the start menu back to the place. And of course, there will be some improvement on it. It looks a good new for the Windows lovers. Uniquely, the new start menu is resizable. The apps that available on the start screen will be placed on the right side of the start menu. And on the left side, there are small icons app that you usually found on the windows XP or 7. One more interesting thing about the new start menu is the resizable feature. Users can resize it and make it full screen.
Cortana is available in Windows 10. It appears just like the basic search and can be activated by pressing the search column. But unlike the traditional search, Cortana allows the users to search anything by voice. Even more, it seems like a personal assistant just like Siri on iOS or Google Now on Android.
Panel Control Alternative
The ambition of Microsoft to make a single platform for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone can be seen here. Now, there is an alternative panel control that can be activated from the desktop. In here, users can see all notification just like in the notification center on the smartphone. The interface also looks similar with the windows phone smartphone. Interestingly, the new setting app appears as a metro app without sacrificing the touch usability. This app can run on the window as well as on the tablet. But when it runs on the tablet, it is usable on the full screen.
This is one of the most important features on the Windows 10. This feature allows the users to switch between the desktop to tablet view with ease. In the desktop mode, you will see the desktop look just like what you can see on the desktop platform. But when it changed into the tablet view, Windows 10 will appear in full screen view. Just by one tap or one click, the interface will be switched to windowed or full screen view. Beside these features, Windows 10 also equipped with the other features such as the new store, the new apps and many more.

America and Japan Cursed the Brutal Killing by ISIS
The US President, Barack Obama, cursed the brutal killing to the Japanese by ISIS. Haruna Yukawa was killed by Islamic militant group or ISIS. Obama also said that he will give hard punishment to the killer. “We renew our statement to free the detainee of ISIS”, stated Obama on Saturday (1/24/15).
Obama stated his statement after the ISIS video released on youtube. The video shows the Japanese journalist, who detained by ISIS, raised the picture of a Japanese’s head. It is the head of Haruna Yukawa who also detained by ISIS.
That video also shows ISIS members were raising the knife in front of two Japanese people. Those two people are Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto. Yukawa is the Japanese army who alliances with US military force to fight ISIS in Syria. Meanwhile Goto is a journalist.
Japan’s Curse about the Brutal Murder by ISIS
The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, also cursed this killing. He said that this killing hurts Japan and it cannot be apologized. Japanese government also said that they still observe about the authenticity of its video.
When Abe visited Israel, he gave statement in front of the media that his government will not change the policy about Middle East. He also said “it cannot be apologized”. He also added and clarified that Islam and extremist are two different components.
Actually, ISIS has threaten the Japanese government for killing Japanese people who detained by them. They said that they will cancel the assassination if Japanese government gives US$ 200 million. Kenji Goto’s mother has asked to ISIS to free his son. But, ISIS doesn’t give any answer of that detainee. Japanese government added that their authority still tries to free their two people from ISIS.
The Reason of Why ISIS Detains Two Japanese
In previous video, ISIS shown that they got anger for Japan because its country asks help to other countries to fight ISIS. In the previous visit, the Japanese Prime Minister visited Cairo. Abe promised that his government will support US to fight ISIS by giving the donation about US$ 200 million. Japan also promises that they will give a help by military forces to fight ISIS.
After that, ISIS detained two Japanese, Yukawa who works as an army to fight ISIS and Goto who reports about ISIS conflict in Iraq and Syria. ISIS also made a statement in the video that they will free those two people if Japannese government pays for US$ 200 million.
Actually some videos that released by ISIS have still been observed by Japanese government. Japan still considers about the video’s authenticity. Its country also still cannot give the comment about those videos.
Detainee case becomes ISIS’ propaganda. It is used as the key for ISIS to get money and realize their authorities. That Islamic militant has occupied some parts of east Syria and west Iraq. This group has tactic to do mass murder and head-cutting for their detainees. This group’s act appears the anger for international people. It also makes the intervention by US military force.

The Experimental Ebola Vaccines Shipping to Liberia

Ebola has become the most dangerous virus in Africa. World Health Organization or WHO still tries to safe African from this virus. It also has sent the volunteers to Africa. It also makes some healthy experts group to find the vaccine for this Ebola.
Now, the vaccine has been successfully made by those experts. The shipment of vaccines has been transferred to Liberia. Those vaccines will be tested first to the volunteers in Liberia. Why they focus to the volunteers in Liberia? It is because Liberia has biggest numbers of the Ebola patients. That’s why UN gives the priority for them.
Actually, the vaccine is produced by the Institute of US national Health and the company of British GlaxoSmithKline. The experts say that this vaccine testing is to test whether it can work to prevent the Ebola.
The Meaningful Protection
GSK stated that those vaccines were carried by plane. Then, 300 others also will be carried to Monrovia. They also stated that the volunteers in Monrovia must be vaccinated next week. The head of GSK, Sir Andrew Witty, also hopes the experiment of Ebola vaccine will be developed successfully not like flu and HIV vaccines.
He added that he feel not satisfied for flu and HIV cases. The vaccines for those two viruses have been delayed. He hopes that Ebola vaccine will be the success program. He doesn’t want any disruption of it.
The experts will develop the vaccine producing for thirty thousand volunteers in Africa including the workers of frontline health. If GSK can be success for it, they will give the vaccine to ten thousand volunteers firstly. Then, they will develop more about their experiment.
Then, they also said that those ten thousand volunteers will get different jabs. So, they will work hard to realize that program.
The first vaccine version has been produced on 200 numbers. Those vaccines have been tested to 200 volunteers from US, UK, Mali, and Switzerland. They hope those vaccines can work well and become the first safety thing for them.
They also stated that the vaccine is only produced for the country that affected the Ebola virus. So, other countries that are free from Ebola will not get this vaccine. Then, the first shipping of those Ebola vaccines to Liberia is the first achievement for them. They will encourage the experiment to succeed that program.
The Opportunities
GSK said that they still develop the Ebola vaccine with World Health Organization. They predict this program will be the satisfied one. They will make the effective vaccine like immunization program that has been run for many years.
The next vaccines also will be transferred soon to Guinea and Sierra Leone. But, GSK added that the vaccine experiment will be limited. It is because Ebola cases have exploded to the some parts of Africa. So, the safety opportunities will be on little number too.
World Health Organization reports that Ebola viruses have been spread into Liberia, Guinea, and other countries of African continent since March 2014. It has been increased so fast for a year.

Fashion News How to Decide the Best Choice for Your Wedding Dress

Wedding party is sacral ceremony for everyone. In that moment, the bride always wants to get perfect and gorgeous. She will spend much time only for choosing the wedding dress. Actually, choosing wedding dress may give such a new problem for you.
The most difficult for you is when you face many choices of your wedding dress. Well, maybe now you are confused how to decide and choose the best one. Everyone may get the situation like that. They will get stress only because of its case. Then, what you need to solve its problem?
Well, to avoid bad moment of choosing wedding dress, you have to keep reading here. Why? It is because this article serves you best information how to decide and choose the best wedding dress. So, check it below!
Taking Picture with Any Wedding Dress
When you try to choose the best one, of course you face any kind of wedding dress. Will its process take several times? Yes of course, you need to spend your times only for this process. You also have to focus on this process. So, you will not feel upset with your decision.
For the first step, you can fit all available dress in your fitting room. Then, you have to take a picture for each dress that you fit. You can try to look yourself in the mirror. Do you feel happy or look gorgeous by wearing one of those dresses there? If you find the one that makes you look awesome in the mirror so it is the best choice for you. You have to choose that dress.
Leaving Your Wedding Crew at Home
Well, it is the time when you have to take the best one or the best dress choice. Let you be alone to go to the wedding dress center! Don’t ask your family, friends, or any wedding crews to accompany you. It is the time to take your own opinion. Then, you will not get any influences by people. You will be satisfied with your own decision.
Asking Your Hubby’s Opinion
Although you will take the one by your own decision, of course you need your hubby’s opinion. Do you want to see his bored face when you wear it in your sacral moment? Well, you can ask his opinion about your first choice. So, both two of you will feel great and matched at your wedding ceremony.
Asking Your Self which One that Shows Your Characteristic
Wedding ceremony can be the moment where you can show your own passion. Then, when choosing the best one, you can try to choose the dress that really shows your characteristic. So, besides asking your hubby’s opinion, you also have to ask your heart. So, it will be the moment when you can reach your dream.
Considering with Other Accessories
When fitting the wedding dress, you also can adjust it with other accessories that you will use. You can make consideration what the best accessories that will suit your dress. So, finally those are all about how to decide the best choice for your wedding dress.